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Academics Abroad Group - University Level Programs Abroad

Academics Abroad Group (AAG) is an international collaborative network of educational institutions.  The mission is to improve and expand foreign language and multi-cultural training opportunities at the undergraduate, graduate and professional level.

AAG enables students to enroll in US University distance education courses and earn graded credit while studying in any of 18 countries.

  1. - US faculty set course requirements, monitor academic progress, and determine student’s final grade
  2. - Foreign faculty facilitate completion of daily assignments, monitor attendance, and provide student support services
  3. - Administrative coordination is provided by the National Registration Center for Study Abroad (NRCSA).

The goal of AAG is to better integrate study abroad into the academic degree curriculum and professional development approval process.  Students benefit by taking US university credit-eligible classes while immersed in the culture of the foreign country with full access to resources and research opportunities of the host country. 
University students, professionals, and other adults are welcome to register for these courses.  Since students travel independently (not accompanied by US faculty abroad), participants must possess the maturity of character and work ethic to succeed in this type of self-directed program.  Classes abroad are given in the language of the host country;  students are expected to adopt to local cultural norms; and lodging with non-English speaking host families is encouraged to enhance the 24:7 cultural immersion experience.  In short, courses are structured to provide an optimal immersion foreign language and culture learning opportunity - but they are not for everyone. 

Review the eligibility section, list of undergraduate and graduate courses offered, and locations and dates.  Note that course fees include tuition, lodging, insurance and most meals.

To register, complete and return the application form with your application fee of $385 and unofficial transcript at least two months prior to your intended study abroad date.  Late applications may sometimes be accommodated.  Upon approval (usually within ten days), you will be asked to submit an official transcript and complete additional forms.  Final payment due 60 days prior to your study abroad date.  Late payment incurs additional fee.

AAG Courses offer you:

  • Intensive Immersion US University Courses Abroad (100 to 500 Level)
  • Choice of 50 Outstanding Study Locations in 18 Countries on 4 Continents
  • Integrated Pre-Departure and 24:7 On-Site Emergency Support
  • Medical, Accident, Medivac and Other Insurance
  • Flexible Monthly Start Dates Year-Round
  • Flexible Course Loads: 3 to 15 Credits (2 - 15 weeks abroad)
  • Uniform Fees for In/Out of State or International Students
  • Inclusive Low Fees Cover Tuition, Lodging, Insurance & Most Meals
  • Financial Aid via Consortium Agreement with Your University, AmeriCorp or GI Bill
  • Service Learning, Volunteer & Internship Options

We look forward to your participation if you feel these courses will enhance your overall academic objectives.